Inception of the Internet of
Things (CISCO)

The IoT business
grows 45% year over year

$7.1 Trillion Market

Monetizing the Internet of Things

On-demand provisioning, billing and subscriber management
empowering companies of all sizes to deliver and manage
connectivity, software and managed services.


  AT&T IoT   Kore Telematics

  • Connect

  • Monetize

  • Manage

Charging and Billing

RevX supports ANY pricing or billing model. Charge based on connected devices, data usage, activations or suspensions, or based on the number of customer logins, amount of data stored or machine generated events.

Charge a one-time, subsidized or rental fee for equipment. Manage tiered, volume, formula or promotion pricing. Track contract terms and charge for early termination.

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Customer & Device Management

A centralized view of customer information including subscriptions, pricing, payment method and transactional history. Single mouse click to upgrade services, post a credit or charge, add a notation or run a report.

Customer self-care allows end users to add or suspend a device, change account information and self-manage their account online via a secure and branded portal.

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Connectivity Management

RevX streamlines the processing of multi-service activations, suspensions, re-activations, plan changes and terminations. Depending on the customer need, this may also include provisioning an application, data storage or other managed service.

For Verizon resellers, RevX automates the processing of AE codes to ensure credit is applied to sales agents, termination waivers when and if available, and provides active monitoring of suspension time-outs and device data thresholds.

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System Integration

RevX satisfies a broad range of enterprise requirements for federating and integrating systems. Cross platform interoperability enables RevX to monitor usage, orchestrate workflow and manage policy.

Pre-integrated with Verizon, KORE Wireless, PositionLogic, and a host of other network and business applications. RevX can be integrated with any network, customer application or back office system.

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RevX is committed to ensuring your business objectives are properly aligned and that you have the visibility and data necessary to manage your day to day operation.

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Client Service

RevX is committed to the excellence in its software and services. We’re there every step of the way to ensure your strategic initiatives are being addressed by our solutions.

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Managed Service

Our turnkey, managed service is highly affordable for most any budget with nominal set up and monthly fees.

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