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RevX Systems upgrades Customer Self Care
For Immediate Release Wed Mar 01, 2017 12:03:00 AM MST

Enhancing the customer self-care experience

Newport Beach, CA – March 1, 2017– RevX Systems enables companies of all sizes to connect, monetize and manage services, software applications and IOT connectivity. Commercializing the Internet of Things across thousands of subscribers requires a no-touch/low-touch approach for ordering, provisioning, billing and subscriber management. RevX Customer self-care is an integral component of our order to cash solution.

We recently released new features to the customer self-care product which provides our clients with a simplified sign up experience, enhanced order management, policy choices, payment alternatives and support for multiple selling channels. Our customers have greater control over the branding and overall end-user experience related to the initial signup and use of the system for actions such as activations, suspensions, and deactivations. End users may now view details on device data usage, device status, MDN (if applicable), and a handful of other carrier attributes to the extent they're relevant to your service offering.

Sales channel support allows clients to support targeted pricing, tailored email notifications and a unique sign up experience.

RevX continues to deliver on its commitment to providing the industry’s most capable subscriber management solution for the Internet of Things.

About RevX

RevX provides provisioning, billing and subscription management systems empowering companies of all sizes to launch, scale and manage their connected products and services.

Our enterprise-grade solutions support seamless interoperability across multiple network providers including Verizon, KORE and AT&T.

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