RevX Platform

Powerful Service Delivery and Monetization platform

The RevX product line represents more than a decade of IP billing experience focused on helping companies identify new and innovative ways to monetize services while cutting costs associated with traditional service delivery and billing models.

Connected customer experience

  • Real-time charging, billing and account management

  • Multi-channel customer self-care

  • Pre-integrated with global Tier 1 networks

Flexibility and operational agility

  • Unlimited flexibility to define pricing and billing rules

  • Provision and federate data across one or multiple carriers, networks and cloud providers

  • Support product bundles, complex charging models, and subscriber entitlements

Faster, highly scalable and secure

  • Delivered as a managed service or a licensed system

  • Fully integrated, out-of-the-box approach reduces the need for customization

  • Enterprise scalability

Internet of Things ready

  • Monetize any application, service, device, or network.

  • Automate provisioning eliminating costly delays and manual processing.

  • Bill customers for data overage, activations, suspensions, equipment rentals, etc.

  • Monitor usage thresholds for notification or to cut off services.

  • Reconciliation of active devices to billable accounts.