Remote Temperature Monitoring

Upgrade your monitoring procedures with RevX's remote monitoring solutions today.

RevX temperature monitoring systems are suitable for a wide range of markets and applications where the accurate, continuous, and remote monitoring of environmental factors are critical. Whether it is food safety, pharmaceuticals, distribution, or any other industry with monitoring needs, you are taken care of with RevX solutions.

Wireless monitoring in real-time, all the time   Get notifications sent right to your phone   Store temperature data in the cloud

Easily deployed, highly reliable, and cost-effective, the Cellular Machines Temperature Monitoring System monitors your facilities, equipment, and inventory 24/7 based on the factors and settings important to you.


Should something go wrong, an immediate text message alert is sent to you through the system's cellular network, allowing you to take the steps to fix the problem and protect your valuable assets.


Data is continuously recorded and stored on the Cellular Machines cloud for analysis, reporting, and preventative maintenance assistance. It's never been easier to add remote monitoring to your business.