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RevX enables GPS Tracking companies

to automate and scale operations

Few industries demand scale and automation like asset tracking.
Posted 5-23-2017 by RevX Systems


Many asset tracking companies still depend on old outdated systems.  Legacy systems that might work with 50 or 100 customers, are now inhibiting their growth.

This dependence on manual, non-integrated systems, creates an environment with poor record-keeping, redundant customer data, and accounting miscalculations that results in enormous lost and/or unbilled revenue.

Moreover, the number of steps required to setup new accounts or make changes to existing ones, rapidly becomes too expensive given the range of service options and number of devices involved. Manually processing subscriber signups and changes can require as many as 20 individual processes, including: lengthy carrier activation requests, creating separate accounts within the tracking software, and updating the non-integrated accounting system with recurring billing and credit card information.

"Manually processing subscriber updates like plan code changes or
device activations, can seriously shrink your profitability
on small gross-margin products

To effectively scale, an asset tracking company needs an affordable solution for automating service delivery, and billing that’s agile and flexible to create a competitive advantage.



The RevX Platform represents a new breed of service delivery and subscription management that can easily integrate with existing wireless carriers and application provider platform.

A single sourced application designed to manage a company’s device ecosystem, service workflows and business processes. A platform that builds upon existing IoT investments to help companies transform their traditional business practices.  Workflows are rapidly streamlined and new monetization opportunities are created because of it.

RevX transforms scattered back-office functions into a cohesive set of streamlined services.  A disparate collection of data-stores is replaced by a single management platform that federates accounting, clerical, and device management functions within a single point of control.

The RevX Service Delivery platform effortlessly processes customer orders, software entitlements, billing and payments; freeing companies to focus on their core business.

Customers are thrilled with the features and benefits of the RevX self-service portal. The online experience puts customers in the driver’s seat by providing 24/7 access to their accounts, device ecosystems and services. It also empowers subscribers with a wide range of self-service options. Upgrading service plans, configuring mobile assets or updating account information is quick and easy, and includes:

  • A "My Account" subscription portal that makes changing service plans simple & updates to billing details easy and behind the scenes
  • An online account interface that provides detailed information, including currently active lines, rate plans & contract terms
  • A device portal that enables line activation & provisioning without the need to call customer support team
  • A new customer sign-up process that simplifies account creation and automates configuration of back-office services
  • A subscriber registration portal that's directly integrated with Verizon systems, provisions devices, notifies customers & ships the product

RevX can transform your business overnight to effortlessly service any number of accounts with a simplified elegant back-office.  Order processing is handled in real time, revenue leakage will be a thing of the past, and cash flow improves with more accurate billing.

A RevX solution will allow you to scale your operation, streamline back office process and simplify your value-chain.

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