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The RevX | AT&T Control Center

Integration Under the Hood

Why you need to be integrated with AT&T ... How Product Activation Should Be!
Posted 05-24-2019 by RevX Systems

So, you've got a connected device that requires an AT&T activation!  It doesn’t matter how far into the process of discovery or development you are, there’re still plenty of unanswered questions about how you’ll manage the offering as you grow.

It’s not enough to focus exclusively on how to activate a line – there’s much more to it! A seamless activation is just the first step of many in delivering the perfect end-user product activation experience – especially when you require activation of software entitlements and unique network attributes.

RevX customers with an AT&T integrated solution enjoy the benefits of knowing their business is being watched, managed, and optimized as they grow.


» On-demand API Activations
The RevX solution has a built-in order management function that handles coordinated activation of lines through your Control Center account in real-time and on the right plans based on rules you define.

» Customized API Activations
The RevX Order Management module has tremendous flexibility and includes the ability to defer line status changes for a desired period of time – for example; if you ship a piece of equipment which can only be activated once it reaches its place of use (like a vehicle tracker) … you can defer the activation request for a period of minutes, hours, or days to accommodate this.

» Price Plan Flexibility
Build your customer facing plans independently from what you see in AT&T Control Center. You’re free to negotiate a Stadium Plan, Pay-per-use, or commit plans. The RevX solution lets you decide which of your end-user plans will activate on which of your carrier plans.

» JPO Push Reports Integration
The RevX solution reconciles your entire line population, daily, using the AT&T Control Center JPO Push reports. We use this data to ensure your end-user billing system always reflects that of what your carrier accounts shows. This is important because your lines are still vulnerable to changes by other internal carrier systems outside of your control.

» Manage Data Pool Performance
RevX will provide you with daily reports that show the trajectory of usage on your AT&T pools so you can track bandwidth utilization across your entire business. This is important to ensure you don’t incur overages on your end while also making sure that you’re not over buying bandwidth if not on a pay-per-use carrier account.

» Enhanced Advanced Control Features
If you’re using Advanced Control Center features to move lines based on usage near the end of your billing cycle, you may be unintentionally creating overage conditions when none existed. RevX pool management will prevent you from making this mistake.

Suppose you’re looking at 2 lines, each of them on a 10MB plan. One device consumed 1MB of data while the other 18MB of data. Your total pool size is 20MB’s with no overage because the aggregate of both lines is 19MB. However, if you let ACC move the line with only 1MB of data to a lower plan with the expectation is has a lower system access fee (MRC), it will create an overage condition in the 10MB pool with the line that used 8 MB data of over 10MB.

Over the last several years, we’ve seen two prevailing types of products going to market with connectivity driven solutions:

  • Those which use connectivity to establish themselves as a leader in their space and use their connectivity as a competitive differentiator.
  • Those which operate on a “set it and forget it” pre-activation model where they include the bandwidth as part of the overall cost of the device.

Making the decision to use your connectivity as competitive differentiator requires a rich integration and it will ensure your offering maintains a leadership role in the market through lower cost of entry, flexible pricing options, delivering an integrated experience, and increasing your gross profit margins.

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