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Deliver the PERFECT activation experience

In a climate where user expectations are high, it has never been more important to deliver the PERFECT activation experience!

Selling hard goods often meant you needed to put tremendous energy into packaging and the unboxing experience.  However, in many cases today, the device in the box is no longer the product - it’s merely a tool to access the product in the cloud.  This change in the commodity (equipment to services) has shifted the focus of the customer experience to product activation.

To deliver this sort of customer experience, and achieve greater success, organizations must invest in software technologies that provide the end-user with:

•    Simple QR-code based activation experience agnostic to wireless carriers
•    A comprehensive customer portal where they can self-manage their subscriptions and devices
•    An easy to use experience from which to pay for their subscriptions

We can help you make the shift toward the perfect activation experience!  Schedule a free consultation or go to our website to learn more.  

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