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The Importance of Integrated Billing

and Subscriber Management

If you're not integrated, you're leaking revenue and holding back growth
Posted 5-23-2017 by RevX Systems

With a constantly changing list of billing solutions in the market today, it's important to realize there's no one-size fits all solution.  In fact, the term "billing" is used so broadly used that many billing projects struggle because they start from the perspective that billing is the remedial process of collecting money (invoicing) when it's actually much more!

The difference between non-integrated billing (sitting outside of your subscription ecosystem) and an integrated billing solution is one that empowers automation, reduces/eliminates revenue leakage, creates operational scale, and promotes an operational environment where the systems are doing the bulk of the work for you while your staff focuses on the exceptions.

"Integrated Billing Systems provide integral automated
processing that doesn't exist in a non-integrated platform

The RevX solution is based on technology + services which means we spend a great deal of time working with clients discussing their operational procedures (or lack thereof) and in the process identify opportunities for automation so they can scale and achieve their projected growth with predictability while maximizing their revenue potential.

"Scale problems are one of the single most common reasons
billing system can choke out revenue growth

A great example of what an integrated billing system will do is automate the process of monitoring unpaid customer balances (A/R for Credit Cards), place subscriptions into a grace period status when payments fail, and ultimately suspend customer services if they don't resolve their unpaid bill.  A non-integrated system (invoicing) will expect that you solve this problem with human capital - one of the most expensive and error prone forms of workflow.

A few other areas that an integrated billing system will create value are:

  • Delivering the perfect order with end to end signup, activation, and credit card processing - seamless fulfillment
  • Automated credit card process and re-processing for declined items
  • Automated reporting and customer email notifications for conditions like expiring credit cards, changes in subscription status, and other service level announcements
  • Automation around account closures, charge-offs, and balance management
  • Entitlements and Wireless carrier reconciliation to identify and resolve discrepancies between entitled plans and what's been provisioned

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