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RevX Systems Expands its Partnership with Verizon
For Immediate Release Wed Feb 01, 2017 12:02:00 AM MST

RevX to Offer M2M/IOT Customers a Turnkey Solution that Unlocks Subscription Opportunity and Drives Profitability

Newport Beach, CA – February 1, 2017– RevX Systems, Corp., a front and back Office solutions provider that enables M2M product companies to pursue subscription opportunity, has announced it is now a partner in Verizon's Partner Program. RevX is a software + services solution provider ("S+S") that combines real-time provisioning, billing and subscription management software with highly skilled operational services focused on creating growth and profitability within IoT and M2M operations.

By growing its partnership with Verizon, RevX is able to enhance its offering within the M2M community to create a carrier optimized solution which is faster and cheaper to deploy, and provides its customers with a substantial competitive advantage -- including the ability to easily adapt to disruptive market trends while simultaneously maintaining scale and growth.  The pre-integrated RevX solution helps customers with challenges operating in multiple markets by providing the tools necessary to bill for and define custom subscription pricing models by vertical, manage large subscriber and device populations, and automate the activation and fulfillment of services for any connected subscription offering.

RevX’s broad cross-functional capabilities, workflow orchestration, and automated processing further simplify the challenge of fulfillment by automating the activation and deactivation of large device and subscriber footprints.  By federating downstream systems through pre-built easy to use integration services, the RevX platform also ensures that all devices, services, and subscriber accounts comply with operational rules.  The result is a service delivery solution that simplifies business operations, promotes consistency, eliminates revenue-leakage, and significantly reduces the time and expense related to processing of orders and activating devices.

RevX enables customers to monetize and grow their subscription services with a purpose-built ecosystem for unified service delivery and monetization that support diverse array of subscribers, devices, and services. Our solution helps customers slash operating costs, boost revenues, and driving profitability.” said John D’Angelo, CEO at RevX Systems.

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About RevX

RevX provides real-time provisioning, billing and subscription management systems empowering companies of all sizes to launch, scale, and manage their connected products and services.

RevX Systems first introduced its Convergent Charging and Billing technology in the late 90’s when bundled services and the Triple Play were creating insurmountable billing and service delivery obstacles.  Today, the industry is facing yet another disruptive challenge created by the recent rise in demand for M2M and the Internet of Things.  Businesses offering connected products and services are faced with the operational challenges associated with delivering and monetizing subscription services.  RevX simplifies the challenge of evolving from a product company to a service company by providing Billing and Operational Support Systems that can adapt to change and provide the necessary flexibility to deliver new and innovative offerings.