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RevX Launches ThingSpaceâ„¢ Micro-Site for Verizon Connected Device Solutions
For Immediate Release Fri May 03, 2019 12:05:00 AM MDT

An in-depth look at how a RevX Integrated Solution will simplify your ThingSpaceâ„¢ Operations

ORANGE COUNTY, California, USA – May 3, 2019 - RevX Systems, a leading provider of Verizon integrated M2M & IoT Connectivity and Subscription Billing solutions, has announced the release of it's Verizon ThingSpace™ micro-site.  This new resource will assist new and existing customers with understanding the value of an integrated and fully automated connectivity and billing platform.

The key to success with any subscription offering is to increase predictability, reduce subscriber contact, and strive to deliver the perfect order.  Scale cannot be achieved with disconnected systems that require routine subscriber engagement - it's a natural choke point for the business.  The RevX Integrated Platform will let you focus on exceptions so that you're only touching a small percentage of your subscriber population, a requirement for scale!

RevX has invested years in it's carrier integrations, and the Verizon ThingSpace™ micro-site concentrates on the key elements of an integrated solution that puts RevX and Verizon customers ahead of the game.

For any further questions about our Verizon ThingSpace™ solution or anything else, please try our live sales agent experience.

About RevX Systems

RevX Systems provides real time connectivity, billing, and subscription management for companies reselling communication, tracking/monitoring, and software-as-a-services.  RevX integrated connectivity and back office solutions help companies quickly launch, monetize and manage their M2M and IoT service offerings.   For more information, please visit our web site at