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RevX released new integration technology
For Immediate Release Tue Jun 16, 2020 12:06:00 AM MDT

Integration’s Made EASY!

Orange County, CA – June 16, 2020 – RevX Systems, a leading provider of carrier integrated Provisioning and Billing Systems, has released a new integration technology which further simplifies integrations.

Our new “xPI” is a façade to the existing feature rich API.  The existing API will continue to provide access to 100% of our functionality, whereas the xPI will focus on grouping discrete micro service API calls into logical functions providing developers a means to complete a task with one xPI call that might have required as many 6 to 10 micro service calls with the more granular API calls.

Our new xPI accelerates the integration process, simplifies the learning curve for developers, and empowers our clients to integrate our platform with their existing web and/or mobile application experiences.

•    Subscriber signup – control the end-user experience by using our Add Subscriber xPI to capture new subscribers
•    Subscription Management – xPI initiated service level upgrades and downgrades through your application
•    Line Management – give end-users the control to self-manage their line of service with activation, suspension, restoral of service, and deactivation
•    …

About RevX Systems

RevX Systems provides on-demand connectivity management, usage-billing, subscription, and payment processing for LTE connected devices.  Our carrier integrated solutions help companies quickly and cost effectively launch, monetize, and scale connected services.  

For companies seeking Verizon or AT&T connectivity, RevX also provides a range of data plans to accelerate your time to market.   

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