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Position Logic hosts John D’Angelo, CEO of RevX Systems for a LIVE webinar
For Immediate Release Wed Jun 07, 2017 12:06:00 AM MDT

Stop Eating Into Your Bottom Line

KORE’s Position Logic, will be hosting a Webinar for RevX to introduce RevX Systems provisioning, billing and back-office solution.
Many asset-tracking companies still depend on old, manual systems.  An approach that may have worked with a few customers may now be inhibiting your growth, creating an environment where manual processing is eating into your bottom line.  Also, revenue leakage from unbilled services and accounting miscalculations resulting in enormous lost and unbilled revenue.

To combat some of these challenges, Position Logic has been working with RevX Systems to automate the way you connect, entitle, monetize and manage your GPS Fleet tracking application.  We’ve automated the customer acquisition and support process, which previously required upwards of 12-20 steps.  Now your order to cash process can be touchless, from carrier activations to creating separate accounts within the tracking software, as well as managing your subscription plans, billing and credit card processing.

Listen in to learn about:
•    Integrated order processing, billing and subscription management
•    Innovative subscription pricing and tiered entitlements
•    Creating a no-touch/low-touch front to back office
•    Managing customer contracts and collections
•    Simplify device activations and connectivity management

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Wednesday, June 21st @ 2:00pm EDT