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RevX introduces business intelligence for IOT subscription
For Immediate Release Mon Dec 16, 2019 12:12:00 AM MST

Dashboard analytics to sales, finance, and operations

Orange County, CA – December 16, 2019 – RevX Systems, a leading provider of carrier integrated Business Support Systems has announced the release of Polaris, a web-based Dashboard.  Polaris empowers RevX Connectivity and Billing clients with a dashboard to view key operating and financial metrics. 

A simple to use graphical interface provides users critical information on its sales, finance, and operations.  Information critical to make timely decision based on accurate information.  Clients can now analyze revenue trends, churn, operational efficiencies, and billing activity.

•    Analyze customer behavior, buying patterns, and sales trends
•    Measure and track new signups, active users, number of subscriptions, or other key metrics 
•    Track MTD and Lifetime overage fees, goodwill credits, past due and delinquent accounts
•    Monitor active, suspended, and deactivated devices
•    Monitor number of failed logins and search system log files

RevX continues to deliver on its commitment to providing the industry’s most capable carrier integrated service delivery, usage-billing, and subscription management platform for the Internet of Things.

About RevX Systems

RevX Systems provides advanced order management, billing, and subscription management platform for M2M and Internet of Things.  Our solutions are integrated with leading carriers to help companies quickly launch, monetize, and scale their connected service offering.  

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