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RevX releases new version of its subscriber portal
For Immediate Release Mon Mar 16, 2020 12:03:00 AM MDT

Self-Care Drives Growth, Scale, and Touchless eCommerce

Orange County, CA – March 16, 2020 – RevX Systems, a leading provider of carrier integrated Provisioning and Billing Systems, has released a new version of its end-user subscriber portal!  The new portal is designed to provide a simple yet highly functional experience for activating and managing 4G/LTE-M IoT device connectivity in real-time with as little subscriber contact as possible.

The recent COVID-19 Pandemic has popularized the phrase ‘touchless’ and until now few really understood what it meant!  Zero-contact subscriber acquisition is our mantra!  This model promises to accelerate your subscriber growth rate and shrink costs related to call center activity and activation failures.

•    Device Usage: resellers and subscribers have increased visibility into data usage and data pool performance   
•    Billing History: is now easier to read with customizable lookback periods and downloadable PDF links branded to your look and feel 
•    Data Threshold notifications: are triggered based on a threshold and sent to customers when their data usage is at risk for overages
•    ICCID / IMEI Validation: Our portal can now optionally validate that a subscriber has provided an ICCID and/or IMEI that’s actually provisioned to your carrier account instead of a generic industry level check that might lead a subscriber to attempt activation of a SIM that's already bound to another carrier account and fails

RevX continues to deliver on its commitment to providing the industry’s most capable carrier integrated service delivery, usage-billing, and subscription management platform for the Internet of Things.

About RevX Systems

RevX Systems provides on-demand connectivity management, usage-billing, subscription, and payment processing for LTE connected devices.  Our carrier integrated solutions help companies quickly and cost effectively launch, monetize, and scale connected services.  

For companies seeking Verizon or AT&T connectivity, RevX also provides a range of data plans to accelerate your time to market.   

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