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The RevX | Verizon Integration

Under the Hood

What it means to be integrated with Verizon ... ThingSpace billing and how does it work?
Posted 5-23-2017 by RevX Systems

First and foremost, RevX is a Verizon VPP Silver Partner and we provide a pre-integrated solution that contains all of the necessary technologies to go from contract to production in as little time as possible (days or weeks).  You get to keep your business relationship with Verizon and our technology just uses your account to manage lines.  This is called being a sell-with partner!  It allows you to freely negotiate a connectivity contract with Verizon all the while knowing you'll have the tools to automate your solution using the RevX | Verizon integration.

"You're free to negotiate your own contract with Verizon,
and we simply automate it's functions

If you're in the beginning stages of going to market with a Verizon device, there's much to accomplish and it's never too early to seek the help from an experienced monetization partner like RevX for your Verizon device.  Even though you may still be looking to achieve certification, things can move pretty fast once you're certified and it's better to be prepared than get caught off guard.

There are many technologies within the Verizon network.  So many in fact, it's a bit overwhelming to figure out which one you should integrate with.  RevX is pre-integrated with the Verizon M2M Platform group which uses a technology that's part of the ThingSpace™ ecosystem.  The specific technology is called UWS, but has since been folded into the functional domain of ThingSpace™  - so it's appropriate to refer to it as ThingSpace™  . 

Our managed network is pre-authorized with the Verizon platform which means we can move very quickly once your Verizon Machine to Machine account is setup.  A Verizon integrated launch generally goes like this.

  • Your device is certified for the Verizon network (3G, 4G, SMS, MMS)
  • You finalize an agreement for Machine to Machine connectivity
  • Your Machine to Machine account is provisioned and setup
  • RevX attaches to your Verizon Machine to Machine account and tests plan codes, device functions, and auditing
  • You go live with customers

There are of course other steps, but these are the high level milestones along the way.

What can you expect from a RevX | Verizon integrated solution?

Your end users will enjoy the experience of instant on activations.  They purchase service (and optionally a device) through a branded signup experience (custom website) and identify their device to the platform.  From there,  we'll get it activated in just a few moments.  You don't need to pre-activate equipment, pay for unused airtime, or otherwise hold the customers hand, you can start growing with a scalable model from day one.

Our integrated solution provides the following added benefits over that of a non-integrated approach.

  • Automated on-demand activations (typically in a 1-2 minutes)
  • Automatic carrier plan selection and feature code assignment relevant to your service or equipment
  • CPNI Compliance by generating branded email notifications to your customers that outline what (if any) changes have been made to their wireless service with you.
  • Optionally allows the customer to suspend a line for any reason and resume it when they like
  • Automated device deactivations for replacement equipment or equipment location changes
  • Near real-time usage aggregation and display in the billing portal
  • Daily account reconciliation of active lines, suspended lines, and deactive equipment so that rouge devices can be identified and shutoff as needed.
  • Lost, Damaged, or Stolen Accounting - for devices that are prone to damage or theft, you can ban a device from the network by attaching to the "Lost, Damaged, or Stolen" pool so that it will prevent any future attempts to activate
  • Customers can de-couple their end user pricing from their Verizon plans and tailor how they price solutions
  • Lead ID's can be assigned
  • MDN numbers past to downstream systems
  • Rules to ensure conversions of 90 day suspension rules


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