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The Internet of Things (IoT) has been a major catalyst for disruptive business models. As more things become connected, businesses have an opportunity to change the way they sell products. Moving from just selling “things” to offering value-added services.

Hardware is no longer the driver, but merely a tool to monitor, track, and manage a service.

This transformation from equipment to services requires a shift to focus on the subscription experience (SX) and customer experience (CX).

To meet the operational and technical demands of a subscription service, clients need a platform to manage multi-carrier connectivity, subscription billing, and the customer onboarding and lifecycle experience.

For LTE-connected devices this includes order fulfillment and line activations (provisioning auto-workflow), line management (add/upgrade/suspend/remove), rating and billing (credit card approvals/auto-renewals/expiration-management), customer self-care, and reporting.

RevX Systems provides the ultimate flexibility and agility to scale an IoT business and has extensive experience in supporting numerous IoT solutions including mHealth, video surveillance, asset tracking, monitoring, among many others.

The RevX Launch Program enables companies that are new to IoT to accelerate their go-to-market execution. The program provides a personalized web presence (company branded with a unique URL) and cellular subscription plans tailored to your unique business need. 


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