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Back Office in a Box

A simple way to manage billing and subscription services
Posted 6-01-2017 by RevX Systems

M2M has created enormous potential for new product innovation while simultaneously carving a path forward for manufactures and industrial innovators to get into the service provider game using connected devices.

What's missing is the army of back office resources to wage this battle, the technology to automate it, and the operational know-how to actually bring this service into operation without going broke.



The question is ... do you attempt to source all of these pieces on your own and build a thick operational layer for the long term from day one, or do you choose "time to market" is more important and scale the operation with revenue so that you can get into business sooner rather than later by choosing a full service partner like RevX Systems - www.revxsystems.com.

If you're new to M2M or have a thriving M2M offering - you're not immune to the painful realization there're numerous moving pieces to a profitable subscription device offering.  You're suddenly faced with the need to learn how wireless carriers operate, merchant operations and finance, service delivery and entitlements, and the list goes on.

RevX Systems provides all of the tools you need to capture customers, activate and manage devices, rate, bill, measure, and seamlessly operate the critical aspects of your M2M business! 

What challenges have you faced while launching your M2M subscription offering?

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