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Automation and growth for your

GPS Tracking Business and Position Logic

Eliminate manual and error prone processes related to growing your Position Logic Business!
Posted 6-20-2017 by RevX Systems

More than a year ago, RevX completed its integration with the Position Logic platform, a KORE Wireless Company.  We've continued to enhance our platform with the goal to create an integrated and comprehensive solution for GPS Tracking Companies who are using the Position Logic Platform.  Our solution eliminates the need for manual accounting and operational activities.  You'll no longer need to manually create client accounts, manage priority users, give up admin access, or enter vehicles on behalf of subscribers.

You'll grow your business, reduce costs, and increase customer loyalty in the process!

The RevX Position Logic integration is designed to eliminate the manual and error prone processes of creating new Position Logic Client account records, creation of primary user accounts, assigning of default tracking views, and management of vehicle records in the system through real-time integration.

The RevX solution is pre-integrated with the Position Logic platform through it's available API's and is designed to provide an end-to-end signup and activation experience that's real-time and seamless.

When a new subscriber purchases a Position Logic Subscription through a RevX portal (branded to any liking), that begins a background workflow that will automatically perform the following functions within your Position Logic account.

  • Position Logic Client Account Setup - through data setup in the configuration of the integration and data collected from the subscriber at the time of registration, our platform will automate the creation of new subscriber "Client Accounts" within Position Logic.

    The RevX integration allows for a default client template to be used so that you can create a "master" client account which is used as the basis for creating new client profiles in your Position Logic account.  We also allow for custom account numbering preferences which creates a 1:1 link between Subscribers in the RevX Billing System and client accounts in Position Logic, as well as some default behavior related to the setup of Onsite Support and Monitoring.
  • Position Logic Primary/Admin User Setup - using the email address collected at signup and RevX configured integration data, our platform will automatically create the primary user account for the new Position Logic client which will generate the Position Logic Welcome Email with the password reset for them to claim their account.

    Position Logic Admin User Access is NOT provided to the subscriber as a means to prevent the use of Position Logic to add new vehicles outside of the billing portal.  This is to prevent a subscriber from securing their trackers, their connectivity, and simply adding to them to their account without the knowledge of the billing system.

    Lastly, we allow for some default properties to be set within the integration to further customize how your users are created with the Position Logic Platform.

    Default Entry Page
    Allows us to define what page the user will land on when they log into their subscriber account in the Position Logic platform.

    Default History Display Mode
    Allows us to choose which method to use for location history display in the Position Logic Platform

    Default Admin Group
    Allows us to configure the creation of users around your desired group policy that you can setup within the Position Logic platform.

    Default Security Group
    Allows us to configure which security group should be attached to the creation of new user logins within your Position Logic account.  You can define the group within the Position Logic UI, and then we just attached that group to subsequent creation of user accounts within your Position Logic account. 
  • Position Logic Vehicle Management - using the RevX branded portal, subscribers can manage vehicles on their account as it relates to billing.  Meaning, a subscriber can add new vehicles, suspend or restore service to vehicles, or deactivate vehicles.  Everything else related to the use and/or tracking of a vehicle remains within the functional experience of the Position Logic Platform.

You can read a full and comprehensive case study here.

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